DO NOT Ignore the Pain in These Parts of Your Body – It Can Cost You Life!

The body sends signals in the form of pain when something is wrong, and this is a signal you should not disregard. If a pain is focused on one area only, it may be a sign of a serious disease. Here’s what pain in different areas of the body means:
Chest pain
Chest pain is often a sign of a heart disease or cardiac attack, so if you’ve experienced it on the left side of your chest, you need to visit your doctor immediately!
Lung and diaphragm pain
If you feel pain in your neck or shoulders, you are probably suffering from some lung or diaphragm problems.
Liver and gallbladder pain
Pain in the right side of the shoulder means that you are suffering from some kind of issue with your liver or gallbladder.
Stomach and pancreas pain
Abdominal and back pain should never be ignored! They’re often a sure sign of some stomach or pancreas disease – people with chronic pancreatitis have often reported symptoms such as back pain. If you experience these pains, visit your doctor at once!
Intestinal pain
If you’ve experienced pain in your stomach near the navel, you may have a problem with the small intestine. Pain in the right side of the lower abdomen is a sign of appendicitis.
Kidney pain
Pain in the lower back, abdomen, pelvis and thighs is almost always a sign of kidney stones or other kidney problems.
Bladder pain
Pain in the front abdominal area is a sign of some bladder problems.
Inflammation in the ovaries causes pain on both sides of the abdomen.
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