What Your Fingernails Tell You About Your Personality

For hundreds of years, people have claimed to be able to understand someone’s personality based on simply looking at certain physical features. Some even say that you can know a personality just by looking at the length of your fingernails! Some people believe it to be very accurate, while others are understandably skeptical about the whole thing. No matter which side you agree with, there was once an entire branch of scientific study dedicated to this subject. There was even something called Phrenology, which is the method of looking at the shape and size of someone’s skull in order to learn about their personality. Here we will tell you what the length and shape of your fingernails reveals about your personality.

1. The Vertically Long Nail

You may be a hopeless romantic. Generally good natured, and eccentric but creative. You can be a perfectionist and sensitive to stress. You are very detail oriented and well liked by everyone around you. You can make friends with just about anybody.

2. The Broad-Sided Nail

You can sometimes have a quick temper, but you are a deep thinker and philosopher. Even though you can be impatient, people appreciate your blunt honesty. You can always tell when a person is lying. These qualities allow you to give the best and most thoughtful advice.

3 and 4. The Round Egg Nail

You are happy-go-lucky and optimistic. Ever the diplomat, you are a peace keeper and never take part in drama or conflict. You march to the beat of your own drum and like to do things in your own unique way. You have a healthy relationship with your feelings, and don’t tend to let emotions overwhelm you.

5. The Square Nail

You are courageous, and a risk taker. In groups you tend to take the lead. You can be stern and solemn most of the time, but it only makes your less serious moments even more rare and special.

6 and 7. The Triangular Nail

You’re the brainiac. You are resourceful and productive under pressure and often the quickest thinker of the bunch, bringing new ideas to the table first. People are impressed when they meet you and intrigued by your unique qualities.

8. The Almond Nail

You are loyal and kind, and you always tell the truth. You’re soft spoken but not a push over. You can speak up when it matters most. You bring out the best in the people around you and they love you for that. You’re great at diffusing difficult situations.

9. The Sword Nail

Lastly, we come to the sword nail. You are always at the forefront of things. You are tenacious and driven. When you want to achieve something, you will work as hard as possible to reach your goal. You are able to handle any situation that is thrown your way and your ambition seems to rub off on the people around you. Source & courtesy
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