Look Closely At the Space Between the Toes – This Could Save Your Life!

You might think that the issue is hygiene, but it is something much more dangerous.
The space between the toes often remains neglected because it is far from our eyes.
But it can be very dangerous if this space is not monitored regularly.

Perhaps you thought it comes to hygiene. Normally, you are right, but you can track the hygiene of every part of your body, even the most remote and hidden from the eyes. But there is a more important reason. The space between the toes is necessary from time to time to check for health reasons.
See what this is about:

You all know that some moles may be potential cancer ie melanoma. Melanoma can actually be not such a big problem if noticed of the time and removed, which is not hard with an open body part, but when it’s out of sight, you might not notice it. So Melanoma can develop and even be dangerous for our lives.

Therefore regularly check the area between your toes, if there are protrusions and see if a mole appeared or about to develop. If you notice changes, go immediately to the doctor.

source and courtesy: idailyguru.com
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