7 Ways Shaolin Monks Stay Young Forever!

We all have heard about the extreme discipline and the way of understanding the world around them. The Shaolins can stay young forever. Read here how they do it and you can do it yourself. The article has been translated by another monk who was an amazing scholar and attuned to their martial arts. Here are his words.
  1. Take your time
Always enjoy what you are doing. Never rush things and do them at a pace that it is comfortable for you. Take your time while doing it and appreciate it while doing.
  1. Never eat too much
Try eating enough without overdoing it. The food doesn’t indulge your state but it just over does it if you eat too much. Try to eat just a little to restore the hunger and satisfy the need for food.

  1. Control your anger
The most important thing is to control your anger. When feeling angry, try to calm down with your own ways and help your life in the overall. It is not good for the liver or the intestines to feel angry all the time.
  1. Pace yourself
It is best to work with pause. Work for 40 minutes and rest for 10. It is best to pace yourself with the things surrounding you. If you find yourself staring at something all the time every day then it means you need rest and you need to come in peace with the things around you.
  1. Control your happiness
Just like the anger the happiness is also dangerous if it comes too much. Be sure to control your happiness as well. You can damage the lung energy if you don’t manage to control your happiness and over indulge yourself.
  1. Mindless chatter
You have heard the saying “ do more, talk less” and it actually comes from the monks. Save your words and limit your speech. It always better to do things instead of talking about them.
  1. Don’t Over think things
Usually the things we decide at the moment are the best ones. So don’t rethink certain situations or over-think some decisions you need to make because it will grasp all your energy from your body.
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