5 Common Habits That ALWAYS Lead To Unhappiness

Nobody can influence how you feel except you. This is something that’s easy to say, but infinitely more difficult to accept. We all strive to be happy, no matter what we’re doing in life, but it’s hard to keep a sunny disposition when the inevitable happens. Life is short and life is difficult at times, but ultimately, we are in control of how happy or unhappy we are.

Unhappiness is different from depression, and the difference has to do with disposition. Depression is a result of a chemical imbalance in the brain, but unhappiness or happiness is determined by how we choose to live our lives. If you feel like you’ve been living in a state of unhappiness, here are five habits of unhappy people, and how to avoid them.

1. Overly Critical of Oneself and Others

Since happiness is something that can be controlled, it’s important to think positively about yourself. Negativity just brings you down, especially if you’re always overly critical of yourself or your own abilities.
If you feel good about yourself, it’s no coincidence that you’ll feel good in general. You also need to respect another person’s right to happiness; don’t let them influence your own disposition.

2. Living Beyond Your Means

In a materialistic society, it’s easy to get caught up in wanting the finer things in life.
However, when you step beyond the boundaries of your own financial means, you’re setting yourself up to be unhappy. It’s true that there is more to life than money, but being in debt can really put a damper on your spirits.

3. Adopting Negative Addictions

Being happy is all about doing the things you love in moderation. Decadent food, a strong drink, and entertainment are all good for your happiness, but once they become addictions, they become a source of unhappiness.
When a person feels unhappy, it can be easy to turn to alcohol or drugs in an attempt to feel better. Unfortunately, they only numb your pain temporarily.

4. Worrying About the Future

The future is something that is largely outside the bounds of our control.
Yet, it’s a source of constant worry for many of us. If you worry about the future too much, it’s going to limit how happy you are in everyday life. People worry about what they don’t have the power to control, and the future couldn’t be a better example. If you can’t control it, don’t worry about it.

5. A Poor Diet

What we put in our bodies directly impacts how we feel. The stomach has strong ties to the brain, and these ties become more evident when we eat unhealthily. Junk food and snacks aren’t able to sustain our bodies and our brains throughout the course of the day; you need to eat fruits, vegetables, and protein rich foods in order to feel the way you should.

source and courtesy: dailyvibes.org
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