Warning Signs Your Liver Is Functioning Poorly, Toxic and Causing You To Gain Weight

A healthy functioning liver is vital to our survival and well-being. Without it our bodies are unable to detoxify and eliminate the harmful waste products that build up internally. Transforming and breaking down toxins into substances that can be safely expelled by our bodies is the main job our liver is known for. However, the it has many other functions and scientists have estimated that there are some five hundred or so other processes that it performs.
That number puts the liver’s importance into perspective. Staying active, eating balanced and nutritious meals, and avoiding both highly processed and sugar-filled foods all help to keep our livers in top condition. Drinking alcohol excessively and taking too many drugs (including illegal substances, vitamins, supplements, prescription pills or otherwise) are the most damaging things you could do that harm your liver.
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Overall, the best thing you can realistically do for yourself is to always be on the lookout for the signs which could indicate that your liver is not functioning as well as it should be. The following are five of the biggest warning signs that your liver may be full of toxins:
1) You’re Constantly Exhausted. When you always feel tired, foggy, bogged down, and severely depleted of energy, then you may have chronic fatigue which is one of the most common signs of liver problems. It can lead to a host of other issues like confusion, an inability to concentrate, bodily aches and pains, depression and anxiety, and so any drastic changes in mood or energy levels should be taken seriously.
2) Obesity or Sudden Weight Gain. If you are find that you’re inexplicably gaining weight it could mean your liver is damaged and overwhelmed by toxins. When the liver cannot keep up with amount of toxins that it needs to process, it will begin to store all of the unfiltered toxins in fat cells, which in turn get stored around the stomach area. In addition to giving you a bigger tummy, because the liver also metabolizes fat, when it gets backed up with toxins that function takes a back seat. Your body ends up storing even more fat cells and if not put in check, this cycle can soon snowball out of control and possibly even lead to obesity.
3) You Develop Jaundice. When your skin and the whites of your eyes appear yellow looking it likely means you have jaundice. Jaundice is caused by a build up of excess bilirubin in the blood which occurs when bile flow from the liver gets blocked. A properly functioning liver is able to process and excrete bilirubin from the blood but when its unable to do so the substance builds up and soon gets deposited in tissues, which causes the skin to appear yellowish.
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4) Unusually Dark or Discolored Urine. A change in urine color, which may also smell really bad and hurt when you pee, could be a sign that your body is trying to pass toxins through an alternative route. This happens when the liver is unable to process toxins as it normally would and so your body compensates by eliminating them through your urine. Any thickening in the consistency or pain when going should be taken seriously and dealt with by a doctor immediately.
5) Persistent Acne and Skin Issues. If you used to have normally clear skin and suddenly find that its breaking out, it could be due to built up toxins in the liver. These can end up causing a number of hormonal imbalances and one of the main ways they manifest is unfortunately on your face and skin in the form of acne. Since the problem is internal rather than external, washing and treating the surface of your skin won’t do much to control it. Instead, you need to detoxify your system and especially your liver.
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