5 Clear Signs That Your Life Is About To Do A ‘One-Eighty”

There are moments in life when we believe that everything is falling apart. What we actually don’t know is that, at times like these, when we feel hopeless and at a point of no return, everything is falling to its place.

Change is not always welcome but it’s inevitable and often when we believe that our life is a complete chaos, it’s because everything is being arranged in order to synchronize with our true passions and desires.

1.The things you don’t like have become unbearable.

There is nothing worse than feeling annoyed. It comes out of the blue, like a mosquito while you’re asleep, and it’s starts itching, making you scratch your skin till it bleeds.
When little, meaningless, things in life start bugging you be sure that a change is about to happen.It has to happen. There is a certain amount of negativity that we can deal with before the last straw breaks the camel’s back. Something snaps and we take action.

2. You feel lost. 

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself. We’ve all heard these words. It kinda sounds backwards, but that’s only until we figure out why. When you’re lost you have no direction and when there is no direction there is no desire.
When there is no desire you don’t need anything and when you don’t need anything, that’s when your soul starts to speak.
Even though things might see out of control, in this moment you are in a perfect disposition to accept everything that your heart is completely and unconditionally trying to show you. You’re now tracing your new path and maybe what you really need is that radical change that will help you get your mind, body, heart and soul in sync.

3. Leave the incubator. 

Have you ever noticed that there are periods when your schedule is completely packed with adventures, parties with your friends and family, and trip to a point when you feel that you are barely keeping up? On the other hand the rest of year you spend isolated, even depressed, going through deep introspection.
The length of these cycles varies but we all go through momentum shifts during our lives.We need these cycles to form our perspective of the world. Moments spent introspecting offer us emotional, psychological and spiritual growth, while the outward pulses manifest as new experiences, traveling and broadening our horizons. When you break free from the incubator period, it feels like you are being reborn.
This means that you took your time to recharge your batteries, take a step back and reevaluate the things and people that surround you, in order to set another goal and trace a new path towards a better life.

4. You feel scared, excited and anxious at the same time. 

The incubator stage you have been going through is finally coming to an end and now you have a new course in life. So, what’s next? When something feels scary and exciting at the same time….you shod go and do it.
Take the leap, as you definitely feel something big is about to happen and the momentum is building.You have no idea what to expect, but you feel that you are on the right path and you are anxious to see what is waiting for you at the end of the tunnel.
At moments as such, there is no point in making big plans, as they are probably going to get canceled or postponed and it will only give you headaches and frustration. You’ve set your goal, but the energies are still aligning as the many possible outcomes unravel. You need to explore and evaluate every single one of them before you decide to follow the path your higher self had already chosen.Be patient, stay open and go with the flow. These are exciting times.

5. Synchronicities. 

Is there anything better than the subtle clues left by the universe, pointing that you are on your true path? Synchronicities serve as soft assurances that your actions, thoughts and feelings are aligned with your higher self.
When you are about to undergo a major shift, you will start seeing number 5 everywhere you turn. Number 5 is the clearest of signs that you need to change yourself, or the things around you, because you are going through times of change that will transform you forever.
Nevertheless, a change should never be perceived as positive or negative.It’s simple necessary and it’s bound to happen.
05:55 It’s time to wake up, Neo.
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