This Is What Happens To Your Body When You Drink Only Water For 30 Days

Water is a necessary commodity no matter where or who you are. If you were to consume only it for thirty days, you would start to notice the amazing properties of this simple and abundant element.
To get the benefits described below, you have to consume PURE water. Not 'smart' water, flavored water or anything besides filtered water.

Your Metabolism Speeds Up.

Drinking water speeds up your metabolism, but how you do it is important too. Drink 16 ounces of cold water, ice water if you can, first thing in the morning. According to one study, it boosted your metabolism by 24%.

You Lose Weight.

Drinking water, as we mentioned, boosts your metabolism, but that's not where it ends: water actually makes your body run cleaner. Toxins and other crap get flushed from your body, and that includes your fat too. Being properly hydrated is key to a healthy weight.

Your Bones Will Be Stronger.

Water is a kind of shock absorber for your body. It surrounds your joints and acts as a kind of padding for them. It also is key to rebuilding cartilage. Increase water consumption and you'll increase flexibility. Water keeps the connective tissue limber and strong.

Your Heart Will Be Healthier.

Being properly hydrated is crucial for your heart's overall health. Water prevents your blood from getting too thick, this decreasing your risk of heart attack. A glass of water is purported to decrease your risk of stroke as well.

You'll Age More Slowly

H2O keeps the skin naturally moisturized and muscles more toned. Water not only keeps tissue stoned and pleasant, it removes toxins and unwanted material from our bodies. There are many on-line testaments and stories of water cleanses effectiveness.
One in particular, from the Daily Mail, featured a forty year old mother that shocked her and the Internet. She started with three liters a day, and completely removed persistent dark circles under her eyes, headaches, cleared her skin and fixed her digestive issues.

Your Mental Processes Will Be Boosted

Water fasting and cleansing is well marked through history as being great not only for the body but fantastic for the mind and soul. Monks of many international religious groups would fast to attain a stronger connection to their higher power or develop their mindfulness.
Science recently showed the empirical connection between the act of fasting and the efficiency of your brain. Published in the Frontiers in Human Neuroscience Journal, the study showed that eight to ten cups of water a day can potentially improve your cognitive function up to a whopping thirty percent. Across the board in the study and comments from history, consuming only water makes you smarter, faster, and more focused.
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