10 Effective Ways to Protect Yourself From Negative Energy

It is no coincidence that we suddenly feel in a bad mood, sick or anxious around some people. The feeling of something is not right, or something bad will happen, a sudden feeling of sadness or irritation, your throat feeling scratchy, you are short of breath and your mood and energy are down. There are energy vampires everywhere.
Sometimes, our subconscious mind sends us signals to warn us and all these emotions above are some of those signs. Sometimes the signs might come as numbers that have certain meanings, a word or an image somewhere, a specific colour on something… No matter what, learn to listen to your gut feeling because you will see it does not fail you, actually it is trying to communicate with you to protect you. But if you are caught off guard and it is too late, how can you get rid of the negative energy on you and around you?
  1. Meditate
Meditation clears our mind and our spirit. It enables us to communicate with our subconscious mind in order to see the reality from a different dimension. It regulates our thought process and eliminates stress and anxiety from our lives by replacing it with peace and calmness. When we have a peaceful mind, we also have a strong immune system and a strong brain. All of these things help us feel more motivated and positive and they raise our frequency. Negative energy attracts lower frequencies, when you raise yours, you will elevate yourself and send out a new positive vibration and attract more positive experiences.
  1. Say a mantra for protection
You can create your own mantra. A group of positive affirmations that will enable you to concentrate on the positive aspect of things and that will remind you that you have the strength to fight the negative powers that are trying to consume your life. Make it a daily habit and start your day with these mantras and you will see after a short time, your brain will naturally adjust this new way of strong positivity that comes from within you.
  1. Light a candle
Candles are known to absorb the lower energies. When you light a candle not only will it make the atmosphere more peaceful and serene but it will also do the cleansing work without you doing an extra job. Choose a white candle as the colour symbolizes purity, peace and prosperity as well as wellness.
  1. Learn how to simply observe your thoughts and emotions without them affecting your energy.
This might be hard to do if you are not meditating or doing any breathing exercises. In this case, you might lose your cool and strength fast sometimes. Just remind yourself that the person who is the energy vampire or who reflects bad energies is the weak one. These people can not survive if they can’t suck up others’ energies. But you can keep your frequency high and keep their power away from you by rising above them.
  1. Stay Away from the Drama (because it’s just not worth it)
Another hard one. Of course it is next to impossible to keep ourselves away from stress and stressful situations because they are a part of life. But what we can do is keep our protective energy shield around us and not let these situations affect us and disrupt our daily routine. Give yourself time to think and relax when you encounter a situation that is out of your control but is causing stress for you. Once you calm down and think clearly, you will see that your subconscious mind will show you doors to get you out that you didn’t see were there before. It is a matter of listening to your inner voice and communication with your higher self.
  1. Get moving and bust up that stagnant energy!
Just like sweat gets rid of the toxins in our bodies, anything that really gets the body moving will get rid of the negative energy hold. Do not underestimate the power of exercising. It increases your motivation, your mood, your frequency, and it also gives you self esteem. All of these things will keep you stronger in the long run against energy vampires.
  1. Take a saltwater bath
Sea salt has healing powers and it neutralizes our system. Soaking in hot water with sea salt can have a very relaxing and healing effect on you. This works especially better if you are feeling drained, unmotivated, you are feeling physically ill, depressed and in a bad mood.
  1. Focus on your breathing
There are certain things you can do when you do this exercise to enable you to focus on cleaning the negative energy on and around you. When you inhale, think about all the negativity moving up from your stomach to your mouth. Then when you exhale, open your mouth and think about letting this negativity out and into the air to vanish. Keep repeating this until you start feeling the positive healing results.
  1. Frequency and Sound
Positive frequencies help us break up lower vibrational negative energy by harmonizing the fundamental vibration of creation that they resonate. Keep wind chimes around the outside or inside of your house which create these harmonic vibrations.
Alternatively, if you aren’t a much of a fan of wind chimes, you can walk around the house by clapping your hands, singing, or you can turn on some music that you really enjoy, your favourite band or singer, whatever you want! One of the best ways to bust up negative energy is to create a positive wave vibration by use of tibetan singing bowls or tibetan music that you can find on your . Be sure to crank up the volume and visualize these sound waves as circles of sound penetrating you and everything around you in healing and harmony. 
  1. Surround yourself with positive people
Well this really is the best thing you can do for yourself. People who choose to lift you up instead of dragging you down, need to be a part of your daily life. Don’t know any?Looking for a change? Take a good look around and soon you will see and feel the difference; how they radiate positivity and peace everywhere they go. Let them be your mentor in restoring balance in your life. Having a hard time attracting positive relationships in your life? It all starts with you.
“Quantum Mechanics States Everything Is Vibration” Now did you know that there is a specific sound vibration that you can tune into that will make you vibrate in a higher and more productive state?
source and courtesy: truththeory.com
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