At The Lowest Point In Your Life? Here is Why Everything WILL Be OK

When you’re having a rough day, a tough week, or even just a moment of sadness, sometimes all you need is for someone to let you know that you’re truly going to be okay. However, when said in isolation these words can seem rather hollow—you might wonder why you should believe that you will ultimately triumph over adversity. Here are ten reasons why you’re going to be okay—remind yourself of these the next time you find yourself wondering what the future holds.

1. You Have Survived Tough Times Before

If you think back, you’ll see that there have been plenty of times in the past when you encountered challenges—and you’ve survived them. This is concrete proof that you can survive your current situation as well. (And probably even come out stronger in the end). 

2. There are People Who Love You

Think about your friends and family, and consider just how much you are loved. You are so lucky to have them!
Whether you have a large social network or just a few deep relationships, you have people fighting in your corner—people who want you to succeed and don’t need you to put on an inauthentic mask when you want to vent about your feelings.

3. Your Sense of Humor is a Valuable Asset

Tapping into your sense of humor is an excellent way to lighten your emotional load. Whether you can actually find a way to see the funny side of your present circumstances or choose to deliberately seek out something that can make you laugh and lift you out of your melancholy, you’re sure to benefit. Studies show that smiling and laughing change our body chemistry, promoting the release of neurotransmitters that elevate mood.

4. You Have Lived and Learned

Believe it or not, you have the resources and resilience to get through just about anything. You’ve lived a rich life full of diverse experiences, and they’ve equipped you to respond and adapt to even the worst of situations. Trust that you have most of the skills you need, and that your life up to this point is proof that you can acquire any necessary skills you don’t yet have.
Never forget that everything is a learning experience. Can’t seem to get out of a slump? Don’t just sit there feeling sorry for yourself. You can change your situation. Analyze yourself, your circumstances and the potential opportunities for growth. Learn from your mistakes, fix them and you will make the comeback of your life. To get you started, here is a
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5. The Happiest People Experience Unhappy Times

Look at the people you respect and admire—the ones who seem to have it all, and are shining beacons of inspiration. Now, remind yourself of the reality that these people have also spent time wondering whether everything will be okay, and that sometimes they too have been deeply sad, incredibly anxious, or overwhelmed by feelings of hopelessness. Yet look at where they are now! Use them as inspiration for your future success and happiness.

6. Nothing is Permanent

You may have heard the saying “This too shall pass.” It’s an especially important mantra to repeat when you’re desperate for some reassurance that you’re going to be okay. Everything—good and bad—is transient. So, even though misery can feel like a permanent state, it’s vital to remind yourself that this is an illusion.

7. You Grow Through Difficulty

Life’s challenges can be acutely painful, and at the time it can feel like senseless cruelty is being visited upon you. However, these events often make much more sense in retrospect, and can be the catalyst for positive personal change. For example, try to think of 3-4 times when a time of sadness, anger or fear has ultimately led to a good outcome later down the road. Hold onto this connection, and remind yourself that you’re always growing towards your greatest purpose.

8. You’re Honing Your Problem Solving Skills

In addition to growing as a person, you’re also intellectually evolving through the hard times in life. As you assess what’s going on, make sense of your options and ultimately figure out the best path through the obstacles, you become a better and quicker problem solver. This puts you in an excellent position to overcome adversity more quickly the next time it comes around!

9. There Are Still Good Things in Life

No matter how low you get, there are always things to be grateful for if you look for them. Even just spending five minutes conducting a quick inventory of 5-10 things that make you feel good will remind you that there is still some balance in your life—sure, certain aspects of your existence are really tough right now, but there are also things that make you happy or offer you a sense of peace. Look to these things for respite.

10. There is Always Support

Friends and family aren’t the only sources of support out there for you if you’re going through a tough time. Whether you seek help from a therapist, join an online group to talk to like minded individuals or call a phone line designed to provide advice and care, you’re never alone. There are many compassionate people out there who will open their hearts to you if you let them.

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by Katherine Hurst
source and courtesy: thelawofattraction
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