How To Deal With Rejection In Love

Love is beautiful but when Love hurts it can be tough. Falling in Love and experiencing it is the most beautiful thing in the World. But to get someone whom you love is difficult. Neither falling in love is in your hand, Nor to make any person to fall in love with you.

Getting rejected by the person whom you love is heartbreaking; you cannot explain the pain you are going through to others. You lose your self confidence, and might end up going into depression for a small while.
Falling love and getting rejected is really tough to handle, these tips can help you get rid of all the problems you face after Rejection and help you deal with the situation positively and strongly.

Meet Your Friends

Friends can be the most helpful person around you. Yes, I know you want to stay alone, but you need to know loneliness bring depression. Go meet your friends, talk to them. Don’t become a silent viewer, participate and smile. It is tough to smile when you are upset inside, but Fake it till you make it. Yes fake your smile unless you learn back to smile on your own.

Stop Discussing Rejection

It feels like discussing what is bothering you to your close friends, But don’t do that. More you talk about it, more you will think about it. Talk about it to your close friends once, twice but not more than that. Whenever your mind thinks about it, shut your thoughts then and there. Listen to music, cook, divert your mind with whatever you can.

Don’t Pity Yourself

Stop feeling and thinking bad about yourself. Do not show any pity on yourself for whatever happened. Tell yourself, you are strong and you can get up back too. If you will pity on yourself, people will feel pity on you too.

Distance yourself

In Love you want to be close to the person you love, even after being rejected. No, let your heart tell you 1000 reasons for still staying close to that person. You need to distance yourself, it will hurt, but it is important. If that person will be around you, the thoughts of rejection will never leave you. So part your ways right now.

Enjoy Single-hood

Enjoy company of singles, looking at couples will make you sadder and upset. Yes! Only for a while, you don’t need to spend the rest of your life in the company of singles.

Make a List

Make a list of things you didn’t like about that person, or you hate the things most about him/her. This list will make you feel a little better, and will surely bring back your self confidence. Do write below the list- ‘I deserve someone much better’.
P.S- It does work

Gift the memories

You might have got things, S/he gifted you, or things which remind you of that person. Go and donate them to someone who needs them. You might go to an orphanage, pass them to street children or anywhere else.

Join a Club

Join a Club, or a hobby class for a while. Meeting new people, getting new environment will surely help you. Your mind will have new things to think about and to be happy about rather than things which will disturb you. Do not postpone it.
Loving someone is never bad or wrong, but only few people get Love back from the person they loved. Falling in Love is much better than never experiencing this feeling.
Every bad experience of Life teaches you a lot. 
source and courtesy: trendsnhealth
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