If You Want The Best Sleep Of Your Life, Do These 5 Things 30 Minutes Before Bed

Sleep is an unbelievably important part of our daily pattern. We HAVE to get certain number of deep, restorative rest. If our nightly patterns consistently aren't satisfying our bodily and mental needs, take the suggestions below to heart and adjust accordingly.

Everyone needs rest. At least forty million Americans have a sleep disorder of some kind, so you aren't alone. While it may be considered 'normal', every reasonable effort should be made to help you be the healthiest, energetic version of you.

Prepare your sleeping space

Your environment can make or break your sleeping schedule. Nothing can be more unnerving than getting ready for bed only for your bed to not be ready for you. A dirty, messed up bed is no fun. Keep the sheets clean and the bed made. 

Listen to some chill music

Hard rock and roll before bed might not be the best gameplan, but listen to some music that relaxes you and chills you out. Classical is my go to for situations like this.


I can't tell you how many times I've gone to bed but couldn't sleep, then just meditated myself to sleep. Meditating and allowing yourself to fall asleep gives you some incredibly restful sleep and is an easy transition.

Take a warm bath

A warm bath, especially on a cold night, helps relax your muscles and set a busy mind at ease. Interestingly enough, having a colder room also helps you get to sleep. The bedroom should always be a little cooler than the rest of your house. If it's too hot, you'll end up waking up.

Give yourself a massage.

Or ask your partner to if you can! A massage with a little bit of grease free oil, like almond, lavender, or coconut oil can be as calming and soothing as any of the above trips.

source and courtesy: lifehack
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