What Your Favorite Color Says about Your Personality


Red lovers are people who rarely settle down. They are sociable and optimistic, but also despotic and self-centered because they enjoy being the center of attention. If you belong to this group, you are very dynamic, competitive, passionate and enthusiastic. Although patience is not something you pride on, determination definitely is. Your dreams always come first and you stop at nothing when it comes to this.
You don’t want to appear unintelligent or ignorant, so you often take on the role of a wise guy. Short attention span is another thing in common for this group.
Cleanliness is your priority and you always look neat and tidy. Optimism is another strong point of this group as they always look on the bright side of life. White lovers are rational, discreet and clever. They are practical and careful with amazing self-control.
In their positive mood, these people are self-assured and confident, but when their mood changes, they become demanding and even difficult.
People who love thus color are emotionally and intellectually independent. At times, they appear shy and introvert, but have strong opinion on most issues and take every chance to defend their views.
Resolute and iron-willed, black lovers enjoy prestige and power. These people normally hold their distance, while appearing dignified, sophisticated and in total control.
If you belong to this group, you keep yourself at bay from any negativity that surrounds you. You also tend to be reserved and rarely share your thoughts with people around you. At work, you are responsible and reliable and always complete your tasks duly.
Yellow lovers are normally amusing and cheerful. Creativity is one of their strongest points and they’re always full of new ideas. However, they can appear a bit arrogant.
Their reasoning is quite analytical and methodical, though sometimes, they can make quick decisions and even react impulsively. If you belong to this group, rushing into things is nothing new to you. You also carefully choose the people around you.
You are good at hiding emotions and putting on a smile when you actually feel bad. Fashion and the latest technology are your top interests. You are also good at getting answers from people and anything that involves mental activity.
Green lovers are modest, sensible, reliable and well-balanced people. They are also generous, kind and caring. They are known for their great need to love and be loved; they are easy to get on with because they wear their heart on their sleeve.
If you fall into this group, you have a great need to belong and any social situation feels like home to you. Also, your moral standards are very high and you always do what’s right to be done.
A loyal friend and devoted partner, you are affectionate, but not passionate. Your strong will doesn’t let other people tell you what to do. You enjoy winning arguments and don’t accept defeat easily. You’re the perfect observer who doesn’t like taking risks or action. Details also bother you.
You process information quickly and are a great organizer of work. You also find it easy to put yourself in other`s shoes and understand other people’s problems.
Loyal, but conventional, blue lovers don’t easily trust people until they get to know the person well. If you fall into the blue group, you think before you act and take actions at your own pace and time.
Also, you need more time to process and express your feeling. You are honest and reliable always taking your responsibilities very seriously. Your will power is great. You are very confident, although you sometimes hide your vulnerable side.
When you’re overcome with emotions, you are either sullen and oversensitive, or cool and reserved. Despite being really outgoing, you have your own close group of friends.
Conflicts are not something you enjoy. As a partner, you are loyal and committed.
People of the pink group are sweet, caring, and generous. They care about other people’s feelings the feelings and are quite sociable. If you are a pink lover, you approach people with softness and warmth, which is why people love being around you. Your maternal instinct with an expressed need to protect and take care of others is undeniable.
You’re emotional, romantic and sensual with an expressed feminine side. This particularly appeals to men who are in touch with their feminine side. You are very optimistic and always look on the bright side of life. Being well-organized and methodical are your strong points, although you can sometimes be frivolous when your immature side takes over.
You normally appear shy to people because you are reserved, sophisticated, peaceful and unaggressive. People can also take you for immature because you are naïve, sweet and beautiful.
Indifferent and inclined to isolation, you generally strive to protect yourself from the outside world. Your comfort zone is you realm and you never take risks or seek excitement. You are very calm and practical and don’t like drawing attention.
Although you are withdrawn, calm, and conservative, you are also a reliable and hard worker. You often lack of confidence at times and are indecisive. You want to keep your emotions under control and stay away from relationships where you can get hurt. Shutting off your emotions is your defense mechanism.
Honest and practical, brown lovers stand firmly on the ground. If you fall into this group, you are loyal, confident and stable. Also, you are very friendly, outgoing, sincere and loyal.
Being responsible is your strong point. Your family and family life come first. You always give priority to quality, simplicity and physical comfort. You are helpful, kind and sincere. People enjoy spending time with you and open up to you quite easily.
You are diligent, hard-working and confident.  In general, you take life quite seriously but you have a peculiar sense of humor. Although you like things to be in place, you are not a perfectionist. In fact, you put quality in the first place and are materialistic. You like a comfortable home, the best food and drink, and a devoted relationship.
You often hide your emotions, and withdraw yourself from the world. Spontaneity is not your strongest point. You aren’t into surprises, and want to know exactly what’s going on.
You don’t like losing control over things. You always seek justice and try hard to change an unjust situation. You have a great need for belonging and security. You are very thoughtful.
Compassionate and sensitive, purple lovers are very supportive of other people and always put others before themselves. They are free-spirited and can be very sensitive to cutting comments from others, though they don’t always show this.
Their energy is very charming and appealing and this makes them really attractive to other people. They are introvert and often look shy. If purple is your favorite color, you love the unconventional and like standing out with your clothes and home decor.
Great imagination is something you pride on, though you can sometimes be very unrealistic. People generally take you for an eccentric because you live in your fantasy world.
You are very kind and giving without expecting anything in return. You can be very secretive and sometimes even your closest friends don’t know how you feel. You don`t like responsibilities and can’t put up with everyday problems. You don`t enjoy being in a crowd.
You are quite adventurous and love travelling to new countries and meeting new people. You are a good judge of character, but you tend to see only the best in people. Punctuality is not your strong point.
source and courtesy: reflectionofmind.org
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