12 Signals Our Body Sends To Tell Us We Are Too Stressed

Our body is an incredibly complex machine that reacts not only to external changes but to internal ones too. Dr. Susan Babel, a psychologist who specializes in depression, suggested quite an interesting theory about our body signals.
WE would like to share some illustrations that demonstrate Babel’s theory, as well as simple recommendations on how to cope with emotional problems.

The psychologist considers discomfort and pain to be the signals of anxiety: secret fears, unresolved issues. Chronic pain is a symptom of stress and emotional problems, especially when there are no physical injuries.


Too much stress is the main cause of any headache. It can happen because of worries about possible failures, little things, or constant rushing.
Set aside some time for yourself every day. Let yourself relax, and don’t worry about anything for some time. Just take some rest, and don’t feel guilty about this. Your productivity will only be boosted thanks to this time spent in peace and quiet. And you won’t be suffering from headaches anymore.


Pain in the neck signifies the burden of resentment towards other people and dissatisfaction with our own imperfections. Our neck hurts when we can’t forgive someone or ourselves.
Change your attitude towards yourself and others. People don’t want to hurt you most of the time. And you don’t have to meet your own strict expectations. Take it easy, and learn to forgive. It’s also important to think more about the things you love.


Shoulder pain is caused by emotional burdens and constant pressure. Maybe someone really puts pressure on you. Or maybe you can’t make an important decision and start carrying this heavy burden.
Try to share the load with a close friend — you’ll feel relieved. Even if you just talk through your worries, you won’t have to cope with the difficulties only by yourself. And maybe this will help to find a simple solution to your problem.

Upper Back

A lack of emotional support and close people around us can manifest itself in upper back pain. This happens when we subconsciously feel unloved and unappreciated.
Communicate more with different people. Don’t focus on yourself — be open and friendly. Meet new people, go on dates. And most importantly, don’t hold back feelings of affection.

Lower Back

If we have any financial worries, our lower back may hurt. Maybe we’re secretly obsessed with the idea of living a rich life, or maybe the people around us make us worry about money all the time.
Money can’t buy us happiness. It may sound like a cliché, but it’s the truth. Therefore, just stop worrying! The best things in life are free. Do what you love, and this will bring you not only joy but the profit as well.


Elbow pain signifies a lack of flexibility and an unwillingness to compromise. We probably resist some important changes that may occur in our lives, or we’re subconsciously afraid of something new.
Sometimes we may think that life is too tough and complicated. But it only feels like this. Maybe we just make things look complicated. Be flexible, and don’t spend your energy on fighting things you’re not able to affect.


Pain in the hands means someone really needs a friend, to have some rest, and to just have a conversation with good people. If your hands hurt, it’s better for you to come out of your shell.
Try to make some new friends. Go to lunch with your work associates. Buy tickets for a sports event or go to a concert. Try to feel that you’re part of the crowd. Don’t hesitate to talk to new people because you never know where you can find a good friend.


People who are used to comfort and love living a predictable life may suffer from pain in the hips. Fear of change and making big decisions and an unwillingness to bring something new into life are the causes of hip pain.
Don’t resist the natural course of life. Life’s moving. It changes, and, therefore, life’s interesting. Think of all life changes as exciting adventures. And don’t put off any important decisions.


A big ego is probably the cause of knee pain. Our knees may hurt when we think about ourselves too much and don’t care about others at all. And also when we’re absolutely sure the world revolves only around us.
Take a look around — you’re not the only person in the Universe. Be attentive to others. Listen to your friend, help your mother, cover for your coworker. Help people more often. You can also spend some time volunteering.


Calf pain is a sign of emotional tension. Possessiveness, constant worries about a relationship, and crazy jealousy are other causes.
It’s important to learn to trust your other half. Relax and stop controlling your partner. It may be time to leave anything that bothers you too much or drives you crazy behind you.


Pain in the ankles may mean that we forget about ourselves and need more pleasure in our life. Maybe our work takes all our time, or we don’t take our needs seriously enough and always put our dreams on hold.

It’s time to pamper yourself. Buy that expensive thing, have a good sleep, try those tasty goodies. Forget about your work for some time, and think about a romantic relationship, for example. Or plan a dream trip.


Apathy can be a cause of foot pain. It’s like our body refuses to move forward. It’s like we’re afraid of life and don’t see the point of moving forward. When we subconsciously think that everything goes wrong and our whole life is a big failure, our feet hurt.
Learn to pay attention to the little joys of life. Look how beautiful the world and the people in it are! Enjoy different tastes, sounds, the wind, and the sun. Adopt a fluffy pet, or try a new hobby. Fill your life with interesting things. Forget all the bad memories, and smile more. Find something that brings you happiness every day!

The conclusion

The conclusion is simple: love yourself and forgive yourself. Be thoughtful of others, and try not to hold a grudge against other people. Communicate more, smile (because a smile looks so good on you!), and stay healthy!
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