Carrot Juice Every Day for 8 Months: results are unbelievable

“Carrots can cure cancer and rapidly, without chemotherapy, radiation, or other dietary changes” this was mentioned by Ann Cameron is the writer of numerous books for kids.
In June 2012 when cancer entered in third phase she was operated. Further she has faced with unwanted disease in 2005 as well when her spouse died from lung cancer.
“I was exposed to operation for colon cancer in June 2012, and then I denied chemotherapy healing. I was feeling well, however after six months the cancer was spread to the lungs, and entered the fourth phase” – she said.
Ann Cameron cured Stage 4 colon cancer without chemotherapy or radiation, by drinking carrot juice.
She started drinking carrot juice each and every day? After two months period of time she claims that medical studies be evidence for cancer has discontinue spreading , the tumors and lymph glands and its has begun to decrease.
In next four months tissues were back to usual and the tumor has kept back on withdrawing. Finally registered tomography examination confirmed that the cancer was vanished.
Carrot has so many health benefits and is highly cleansing and pesticide anticancer properties and greasy alcohol, and carotene from carrots prevents making the tumor cells.
After she was cured from drinking carrot each and every day she wrote a book curing cancer with carrots.
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