Put A Glass Of Water Under Your Bed Every Night And You Will Be Amazed!

The cause of most mental diseases are usually biological or psychological factors, but they can also be caused by spiritual factors. These factors are the reason why a patient doesn’t respond well to therapy, or why the disease progresses.

If this is the case, we have a great ritual that will calm your mind and eliminate the negative energy. Medications are good, but having faith in the efficiency of natural remedies will help you recover better.

Negative energies can surely have an influence on your mental health, which is why they need to be eliminated with a spiritual ritual. The ritual we have for you today involves putting a glass of water under your bed in order to kill the bad vibes. Water is one of the main elements that attracts negative energies and can remove them efficiently.

When you put a glass of water under your bed, it will suck out all the negative energy from your room. The next step is to throw away the water in the morning, and replace it with fresh water for the next night. You can repeat the process for as long as you like.

How to perform the ritual

As we said before, the ritual is very simple – just pour some tap water in a clean glass, then put the glass under your bed and leave it overnight. In the morning, observe the glass – if it’s clouded and the water has bubbles, it means that it has absorbed the negative energy. Even if the glass is clear and the water is not so bubbly, it should have absorbed the bad vibes.
The final step is to flush the water down the toilet and repeat the process again by putting a glass of fresh water under your bed the next night. You should never use the same water from the night before.
Source: nifyhealth.com
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