The 15 Most Useful Google Apps You Never Knew Existed

Google can be your best friend when it comes to searching for answers or information online. Millions of people use it every day, but only few can utilize Google to its full potential. In fact, this powerful search engine can offer lots of great services, apps and features that aren’t on many people’s radar.
Here are 15 of the most useful Google apps that you probably didn’t know existed.
  • Google Translate app is an application for those who like traveling. Just point your camera at the text you need to translate, and the app will instantly translate it into the language of your choice. It’s a very useful thing!
  • Gmailify: This app allows you to combine all your email accounts like, Yahoo! or Aol. into one Gmail inbox.
  • Google Scholar is a search engine that searches across scholarly literature. The search results list from Google Scholar contains citations from textbooks, scientific papers and journals.
  • Google Keep is an app for creating bright colorful notes. You won’t forget to do anything important any more!
  • Timer. You can set the timer for any time you want. When your time is up, you’ll hear the alarm sound.
  • Google Sky. Use this app to see outer space as if you are looking through the most powerful telescope. With this app you will also have a chance to literally walk across the Milky Way Galaxy and learn about the latest studies.
  • Google Fonts is a search engine that helps you find the best fonts for your projects.
  • Google Art Project. If you’re an art lover, you should not miss this app. Take a chance to discover and view famous artworks online in extraordinary detail.
  • Think with Google. Stay informed about the results of the latest research, ongoing consumer trends and the newest insights in marketing.
  • Google Trends. This app enables you to see which search queries are currently the most popular. Stay tuned!
  • With Google Shopping you can buy everything from hardware to cosmetics.
  • Panoramio. Use Panoramio to discover the world through photos taken by Internet users.
  • Google Sound Search is a great music recognition app similar to Shazam. It will tell you what song you are listening to within seconds.
  • Google Images is the most comprehensive tool for searching images on the web. Upload a picture from your computer and the app will do the rest of work. The results may include similar images, different resolutions of the image, pages containing the image and more.
  • Build With Chrome allows you to play with virtual Legos. Try it! It is fun not only for children but also for adults.
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