This Is Why Clever People Feel Happy When They Are Alone

Have you ever had a desire to go far, far away, to where there’s not a soul, to be alone? If yes, then you’re extremely clever, and scientists have something to say about it.

It turned out that the higher the level of intelligence people living in big cities have, the less happy they are. While most people feel happier when they’re surrounded by friends, highly intelligent individuals are more comfortable being alone. Why does it happen?
The scientists suggest that we feel uncomfortable in large communities since our brain is evolutionarily adapted to work in groups of no more than 150 people. Which means the smarter a person is, the more uncomfortable they feel in large communities.
Friendship makes us happy, satisfies our psychological need for affection, gives a feeling of being needed, and provides an opportunity to share experiences.
However, people with high intelligence have an inverse relationship: clever people feel happier being alone, not when surrounded by other people — even good friends.
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