Use These Heat Maps to Discover Where Your Emotions Are Held by Your Body

Have you ever noticed that your body reacts in certain ways to all of the different emotions floating around inside of your mind? At times it can seem like the brain and the body are completely separate entities, but the truth is that they could not be more entwined with one another.
Lately, researchers have been looking at emotions and how they affect the body’s overall health, specifically whether or not certain emotional states can cause certain diseases or conditions. One of the best examples of this type of phenomena is when our faces turn bright red after we become embarrassed or ashamed.
A team of Finnish scientists studied 700 Taiwanese, Finnish and Swedish volunteers for their experiment looking into which emotions activate which regions of the body. They discovered that each emotion does in fact carry with it a unique energy and vibration within the body.
As you can see from the heat maps above, researchers were able to track where each emotion is felt across each of their subject’s bodies, resulting in some pretty interesting finds to say the least.
Happiness lights up the entire body, while depression is seemingly void of any activity. Fear and anxiety occur in the chest and stomach areas. Love is felt in three main areas, while anger and pride occupy much of our upper bodies, including the face.
What do you think about these emotional heat maps of the body? Do they hold true for your body and your emotions? The anxiety heat map is almost spot on for me!
source and courtesy:  Intelligence is Sexy
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