6 Things Positive, Happy People Believe

“Everyone creates realities based on their own personal beliefs. These beliefs are so powerful that they can create [expansive or entrapping] realities over and over.” ~Hope Bradford
Our thoughts are habitual, and we don’t usually think about how we think. Thoughts come naturally to us.
We tend to believe that there is only one way for us as individuals to look at the Universe, and it’s the way that we’re currently doing it.

However, just like we express our individuality through clothing choices, political movements, and taste in food and movies, our way of thinking is a style that we have chosen somewhere along the way according to our beliefs.
We are able to change our thoughts and beliefs more easily than we think. What are the benefits of this? Well, any physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual change starts with your thoughts and beliefs.
You cannot lose weight if you don’t believe you can do it. You cannot be happy if you believe that you’re doomed to be depressed. You cannot make friends if you believe that everyone is out to get you.
Our reality forms around our beliefs, not the other way around. Usually when we believe something so deeply, our lives shape around it and we see proof of our beliefs everywhere we look.
Can you see how big a role belief plays in our lives, especially when we want change?
Many times, our beliefs are subconscious and we don’t even realize that they are controlling the way we live our lives.
I grew up quite depressed. I remember going to my first therapist when I was thirteen years old and being put on antidepressants.
It was then a constant battle of altering medications and dealing with side effects until age twenty-three, when I decided I needed to change things once and for all. It was then that I went on the hunt for my cure.
I discovered nutrition, exercise, healthy sleep habits, and more, but the most important thing I uncovered was that I needed to change my thinking, which I could do quickly and effectively by altering my beliefs.
Something that helped me tremendously was researching the beliefs of positive people. I found that they tend to think in a certain way. Just about every truly positive person you meet will have some or all of these core beliefs.

6 Things Positive, Happy People Believe

1. This too shall pass.

Positive people have a deep belief and understanding that things are always changing and forever evolving. This allows them to recognize that emotions come and go; a bad moment does not mean a bad day. Tomorrow is a new day and things will get better.
Each bad moment is but a blip on the chart of a wonderful life, although it may seem like a large problem at the moment. The key emotion in this positive belief is hope, especially when dealing with a situation where it could be easy to fall into despair.

2. People are good.

It can be easy at times to watch media stories and start to believe that the world is full of disturbed people. While these people do exist, the world certainly is not full of them.
One of the most fantastic things anyone can do for themselves is to believe that the world is full of good people. It’s true, isn’t it? For every one person that could bring us harm, there are a thousand others who would rather help us. It’s in our nature to care about others and love our neighbors.
Believing that the majority of people out there are good (and appreciate you in return) will not only bring positivity into your life, it will open you up to making new friends and loving those around you, which benefits everyone involved.

3. This is an opportunity for something better.

Positive people believe that when bad events take place, something better will come as a result.
Everyone on the planet has struggles. When we came out of our mother’s womb, we were met with the challenge of taking our first breath. Could you imagine if we decided right then that it was too scary, too awful, and too uncomfortable to make that transition out of our comfortable home of nine months (assuming we were able to make that choice)?
The beauty we would never get to see. The love we might never know. The air around us we would never feel. Positive people understand that beauty lies on the other side of struggle. The downs make the ups that much more amazing.
When something bad happens, there’s both a gift and a lesson in it. Opportunity comes through change and change only! This is where faith, fate, and hope come into play.
Your spiritual beliefs don’t have to matter here, but positive people generally believe that things do happen for a reason.

4. I am one of a kind.

This is the belief that you are a good person, attractive to others, a happy person, a desirable friend and companion. It’s not egotistical, but it is definitely confident.
Every person on this planet is a miracle of life, and that includes you. No two people are the same; there really is only one you.
You have a special skill set that nobody else can duplicate. Your passions, desires, beliefs, thoughts, body, mind, and emotions are unique.
Positive people see themselves as someone the world can benefit from in many different ways. They live to give. They want to share. They want to use their special skills and talents to do what only they can while on this earth.

5. I’m truly doing the best I can, and I’m learning everyday.

This belief also has to do with self-confidence. It’s the belief that even though you may not have gotten through your list of “to-dos,” you did the best you could considering your circumstances.
It is the understanding that each person is a product of their surroundings, upbringing, and genetics, and so we all work with the tools that we’ve been given or learned. It is also the belief that life is about lessons, and to learn something new is a feat that deserves celebration every time.

6. Love is everywhere.

Life is what we focus on. When we focus on love, love is all we see. Positive people tend to see it everywhere they look, whether in nature, companionship, friendship, family, and even between strangers.
Love can have many different meanings, and I’m not talking about just romantic love in this case. I’m talking about appreciation, joy, amusement, inspiration, awe, gratitude, and serenity. The ultimate belief that will bring any person more joy is to know that we are surrounded by love at all times, even when we are physically alone.
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