8 Reasons to Cut the Toxic Negative People from your Life

The first step is to move away from the people in your life who bring you down. Yes, toxic people. It doesn’t matter who they are, whether they’re friends, family or co-workers. If they’re seething with pessimism and always ready to point out what is wrong, you need to move on.
Still not convinced. Consider these 8 reasons to cut these toxic people from your life.

1. You don’t have time or energy to deal with other people’s drama

Between getting your work done, hanging out with friends or figuring out your life’s goals, you don’t exactly have time to spare. Dealing wtih negative people sucks time from you, and that takes away your energy for living a good life.

2. They’re bad for your health

Did you know that there are studies showing that there are horrible long-term outcomes from continually behaving with cynicism, hostility and depression? When you’re around toxic people, you behave this way much more. For the sake of your health, move on from toxic people.

3. Social engagements leave you feeling drained instead of charged

It’s incredible to spend time with people you love. You feel upifted. That’s how socializing SHOULD feel.
Yet social interactions don’t always play out this way. Toxic people leave us on edge, anxious and exhausted from dealing with negative people. Chase the fun feelings and move on from toxic people.

4. Negativity is contagious…

It’s part of human nature to become more like the people we spend time with. Remember, even if you consider yourself an optimistic person, you’ll be impact by negative people around you. Do yourself a favour and move on from the toxic people so the optimistic you can be seen and reinforced by others.

5. … but so is positivity

That’s why you need to spend time with other optimistic people. You’ll become more positie, and see the world through rosy colored lenses. You’ll be surprised at how quickly your outlook changes.

6. Toxic people try to bring you down when you’re feeling good

Misery loves company. Toxic people don’t want you feeling good. They’ll continually try to bring you down so that you’re feeling the way they are. Don’t let it happen, spend time with more positive people.

7. … but won’t ever lift you up when you’re feeling down

Toxic people don’t know how to make someone feel better, because they want to dwell in negativity. If you’re feeling down, these feelings will just be reinforced and the people you’re spending time with won’t be contributing to you feeling better.

8. You’ll make room in your life for positive things

Think of it as cleaning out your closet. When you rid yourself of the people bringing you down, there’s more space for new things.
Heathy new relationships, positive friends and uplifting partners.
These are all coming your way when you get toxic people to move on from your life.
source and courtesy: truthinsideofyou.org
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