Control Diabetes, Reduce Weight and Cholesterol Levels With Green Banana Mixture

Green banana is simply an unripened yellow banana. Their taste is less sweet than the yellow. They are -firmer and they are richer in starches (70-80% of their dry weight) than the yellow ones.

You can eat green banana immediately after peeling, but the best wat to eat green banana is cooked, fried or boiled. Nutritionally, green banana is rich source of fiber, minerals and vitamins, and a starch that can help you to control your weight, blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

Control Diabetes

This popular tropical fruit is also very rich in potassium and mineral which is required for proper function of heart and muscles.A green or yellow medium-sized banana (118 grams) contains: fiber 3.1 grams, potassium 12%, Vitamin B6 20%, Vitamin C 17%, Magnesium 8%, Copper 5%, Manganese 15%.Green bananas are also rich in magnesium and phosphorus.

These two are essential for bones and teeth, also they play a role in the digestion and the production of energy for muscle relaxation. This fruit can stimulate toxin removal. Also green banana can keep your gut bacteria healthy, which is important for your digestive health.

So therefor, mixture of green banana can be very effective in reducing weight and cholesterol levels, and it is completely safe for diabetes because it regulates the sugar levels in your blood.To prepare the mixture you will need to wash 5 green bananas with water, and boil them in a pressure cooker for about 10 minutes.
Use a blender to mash them, put them in an ice cube container and leave it into the freezer. Take out the cubes after they are frozen and put them in a container with a lid and freeze them again. Use just one cube in your favorite fruit juice.
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