Here are 3 Common Traits of a Trustworthy Person

Now more than ever it’s obvious that not everyone is trustworthy. Whether it’s online
 or in real life, it feels like people are just out for themselves.

So when you do meet someone that’s trustworthy, it’s crucial that you hold on to them.
Here are three habits of trustworthy people:

1. They let others see their failures.

Think about it, if someone has an agenda, then usually they’ll try appear perfect like
 their life is a Hollywood movie star highlight reel. But if someone is authentic, they’ll just 
tell how it is.
If that means saying that they suck at something, then so be it. But this means that their 
trustworthy because they have no hidden agendas.

2. They deliver on their actions.

You know those people who say a lot of things but they never actually do them? 
Stay away from them: you can’t even trust what they say! Trustworthy and authentic people 
only say what they’ll can do. Actions are only what’s important.

3. They do the right thing.

Even if no one is looking, they’ll still help that elderly woman across the road. You 
know why? Because it’s right. When you’re dealing with a struggle of your own, they’ll 
provide support. You know why? Because it’s right.
Trustworthy people have a strong sense of what’s right and wrong and they don’t care 
what other people think of them.
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