5 Ways To Survive A Broken Heart!

We all are going through a heartbreak even once in the life time. When things go wrong we never feel like living this life to the fullest. It is natural that most of us are being stressed or depressed over something which will never be same again. Things and people always change; so does life…

There are different circumstances where we all feel like giving up, but remember either good or bad, things happen for a reason. God always have a plan for you!

These are some possible ways to survive from a heartbreak.

01. Hang out with your friends more often!

When something really bad happens to us, the first thing we do is talking to our friends or closer ones. This is a really good therapy that can make yourself understand where did you go wrong. When you hang out more often with your friends, you feel less lonely.

Even though you are outside surrounded by people, it is true that sometimes you sense solitude. Trust me, it will be solved when you be with someone or people whom you are comfortable to talk to, so going out with your closer friends will make a difference in this situation, but remember not to talk about the problems which caused breaking your heart as inner wounds will not healed when you continuously recall depressing memories.

02. Travel! Meet strangers!

This is something hard to do when you are down, but if you can do it, you will feel like you are not the only one who is with a broken heart in this world. Meet strangers! Talk to them! Live a little! No matter where you are, try to feel the warmth, coldness and beauty of the nature. It cures your body and soul. Life is too short to wait until your heart repairs itself. See the world which you have missed out. You will feel the difference. You will gradually repair your broken heart.

03. Do what you love!

May be after the heartbreak, you gave up the most important things in life as it drained out lots of energy from you. So that it makes us forget who we are, what we like and what we should do; instead it gives a dull feeling about your future. At this exact moment, start doing what you always wanted to do, because you are the only person who can cure yourself. Listen to yourself and open different paths to your future.

04. Do not ever sit and wait!

Sometimes we think, when we think about the problem, we can find a better solution. NO!!! what is gone, is gone. Do not turn back and feel the darkness. It is scary and terrifying. Do not wait until someone comes and tells you what to do. Think of a solutions while continuing a new path in your life, either right or wrong, do it today. Anyone can sit and wait until heart fixes itself, but actual strong person can make it through.

05. Write about it!

This seems to be different advice, but trust me it works. Grow through what you go through! When you continue writing about your feelings, you feel more relaxed. You gradually start loving yourself, taking care of yourself and comforting yourself. That is what we all need; to feel fresh and alive again. Some people think it is not a good idea to express own feelings but once you talk to yourself, you understand where to direct yourself. It leads you to LOVE YOURSELF MORE!
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