Dog Instructed To Bring Home Their Cat Does It In The Most Hilarious Way

If you have a dog, you may have them under voice control. You can open the door and let them go outside to do their business. When they are done, they may come back in on their own or wander around the yard a bit. If your dog is under voice control, you can call them, and they will come back. 

You can also train your dog to do tasks, like get the mail, the newspaper, or even bring in the cat. Wait – what?! One Russian woman has apparently trained her dog to bring in the cat! Even though this kitty is a little larger, the dog does manage to get the cat in the house! Wait until you see how the dog gets the kitty in! 
Take a look at this video! 
The cat doesn’t seem too happy to have to come in! Wow! I am impressed! I am lucky if my dog comes when I call! Share away, people! 

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