5 Steps To Fix A Broken Relationship

When your relationship faces a crisis, you have a choice. You will end it or you will try to heal it. Before making this important decision, you should consider is it even possible for your relationship to be fixed?

Fixing a broken relationship is everything but easy. It is a long-term and emotionally challenging process with an uncertain outcome. But, if you and your partner decided your relationship is still worth fighting for, here are 5 steps to fix a broken relationship.

Realize what went wrong

Every relationship has its problems. But, if you act like those problems don’t exist, they will catch you and appear on surface sooner or later. And they will come back multiplied and in a more intense form and maybe even impossible to solve. It’s crucial to face these problems. If you are in the process of fixing your relationship, you must be aware that it was far from perfect. When you start to work on your relationship, the first thing you have to do is to realize what went wrong. It’s not enough for just one of you to realize this. You both should be aware of the things you disagree about. Of course, both of you should take responsibility for the things that didn’t work.

Learn to forgive and apologize

It is difficult to forgive someone who has done us harm. But, if you decided that your relationship is worth fighting for, you will get nowhere if you don’t forgive each other. But, I mean truly forgive, not just say it. A mistake most couples make is that they forgive something and then bring that topic up again. If you forgave something, don’t mention it every once in a while. That just means that you weren’t ready to forgive and that you were not sincere when you accepted the apology. Besides learning to forgive, it’s also of great importance to learn to apologize. Be an adult and admit when you did something wrong and apologize. This is the only way you and your boyfriend can hope to have a healthy relationship.

Learn to trust each other

Trust is the foundation of every relationship. Where there is no trust, there is no respect and therefore, your relationship can never work. If your boyfriend wants to cheat on you or hide something from you, he will do it and you can’t do anything to stop him. If you don’t trust him, you will only create unnecessary tensions in your relationship. This step is especially difficult for the couples that have lost trust in each other in the past. Trust is built for a long period of time, but can be torn in pieces in moments. You think it’s impossible to trust your boyfriend again after he proved to be untrustworthy once, but if you are in the process of trying to fix your broken relationship, it’s crucial to at least try.

Express yourself

Communication is everything! You can’t expect your boyfriend to be a mind reader and know the things that bother and hurt you if you don’t tell him. Many women don’t tell what’s wrong directly and instead choose to be passive aggressive. Keep in mind that you won’t accomplish anything through this. Be sincere and direct and tell your partner what is bothering you and how you would like to be treated. Besides expressing yourself, learn to listen to what he has to say and recognize the ways he is trying to express himself.

Learn to Compromise

Your relationship is made of two individuals, who are equal partners. Both you and you partner have your views on your relationship, have your own opinions, attitudes and desires. But, you both wish to save your broken relationship and you both have decided it’s worth fighting for and that should be your common interest. It’s very important to know how to meet each other half-way. You shouldn’t try to change your boyfriend nor should you allow him to change you. If you want for this relationship to work, neither of you can expect to have everything their way. Instead, try finding a common ground and learn to compromise. Remember, it takes two to tango.
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