Stop Violence! Spread The Message Of Peace And Love

The world today has become very intolerant, aggressive and sad. However it is through the pure and magnificent power of the Divine that we can restore harmony and love among all of us.

The Divine Grace is the pillar on which everything stands and grows. It is important to learn to forgive and not hold grudges. Only then will your life be filled with divinity and be enlightened.
There’s an eye-opening lesson by Prophet Isaiah which can be found even on the wall of the United Nations in New York. It states that “They shall beat their swords into plowshares…”
It is profound and is relevant not only in maintaining world peace but also peace between individuals. When we stop hating each other, wars will also stop.
We judge others, discriminate and isolate others simply for being a bit different than us. However we forget that we are all God’s children and therefore are all equal. We must treat others like we want to be treated.
Our presence in this world is important and so we have to understand that our actions, negative or positive, have an impact on everyone. So, think carefully before doing anything. We have the ability to correct all wrongs and bring goodness into the world by channeling the Divine Power.
There’s so much death and destruction all around us, with hatred and rage poisoning people everywhere, it’s crucial to forgive and spread love. We should ask for forgiveness and forgive others to walk towards a better future.
We need to create an environment of tolerance and acceptance so that there are no more mass shootings, murders, sexual crimes and other heinous actions. Forgive all and work towards a peaceful life.
Just because you aren’t directly involved in a crime doesn’t mean you aren’t responsible for it. The moment you become fully aware of your actions, you become closer to God. Don’t detach yourself from others.
Only in unity can we find love, harmony and well-being. The world will keep burning if we don’t take a conscious step towards healing and restoration. Let’s be courageous and not suffer anymore.
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